Welcome to the Cohansey Soccer Club,located in the heart of Southern New Jersey. Cohansey SC provides opportunities for girls and boys, from ages 3 through 18, to enjoy the sport of soccer at both competitive and recreational levels.

Posted Feb 4, 2017

Dear Potential Sponsor,Cohansey Soccer Club is a 501 (3) corporation that provides opportunities to girls and boys, ages 3 through 18, to enjoy the sport of soccer at both competitive and recreational levels. Currently, we have almost 400 boys and girls from Upper Deerfield Township andthe surrounding areas registering to play soccer each season. We play soccer during the Fall and Spring seasons each year where hundreds of people from throughout South Jersey visit our complex to attend games each week. Cohansey Soccer Club is committed to the best interests of the players and high quality soccer in an atmosphere that stresses teamwork, sportsmanship, and skilled soccer play that will help players gain a life-long love and appreciation for soccer.We are fortunate to work with a great group of volunteers such as our board members, coaches, and parents that share a wide variety of insights, experiences, and ideas with the ability to execute on those suggestions. While we have a great soccer committee, we are always in need of additional volunteer assistance. To continue to make each season a successful and rewarding experience for our youth, we are directly reaching out to our local businesses, family, and friends, and offering the opportunity to make a difference.Your contributions will assist with decreasing the rising costs to maintain the complex fields, purchasing of equipment, and keep registration costs affordable for everyone as this continues to be a priority for Cohansey Soccer Club.Cohansey Soccer Club would like to thank you in advance for your potential sponsorship.If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the sponsorship coordinator at the email address provided in this letter.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Ali Pacifico - Pereira

Vice President of MM-U13 Recreational Divisions

Sponsorship Coordinator & Concession Stand Coordinator



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